At Bio- Medicines we are pleased to launch our new German range PEKANA to Australasian practitioners.

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PEKANA Products


Founded in 1974 by master German pharmicist Dr. Peter Beyersdorff, PEKANA Naturheilmittel GmbH of Kisslegg, Germany produces homeopathic-spagyric medications that meet the highest standards set by the German pharmaceutical industry. Their comprehensive line of high-energy remedies have been developed to help practitioners successfully treat both acute and chronic illnesses, while avoiding the detrimental side effects that often accompany use of allopathic drugs. Importantly PEKANA medications do not merely suppress or mask symptoms, but heal the underlying causes of a wide variety of illnesses, such as bacterial infections, cystitis, liver disease, sinusitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis and many chronic conditions considered difficult to treat.

PEKAKA homeopathic-spagyric medications dramatically accelerate the bod's immune response and healing processes.

Stimulate production of vital enzymes that play a decisive role in matabolism and immuno-biological reactions, and act as natural antimicrobials.

Help damaged organ tissues function efficiently again, which improves the excretion of endogenic toxins – the basis of many chronic illnesses – lodged in the organs and connective tissues.

This type of holistic therapy causes no microbial resistance and products no negative side effects.

Combining various PEKANA medications is recommended to enhance the overall efficacy, offering practitioners unique possibilities for successfully resolving acute and chronic conditions.

Patients should take PEKANA medications at least 30 minutes before or after eating. When using more than one preparation, patients may combine mediations in water or herbal teas for convenience and to ensure compliance. It is also extremely important that patients continue their PEKANA therapy 5-7 days after acute symptoms have disappeared. This protracted treatment helps the body excrete residual toxins produced during acture illness that would otherwise be deposited in the connective tissues and possibily lead to chronic conditions.
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