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Charl Marais

Director of Bio-Medicines Ltd

Throughout his years of experience and study Charl Marais has found Homotoxicology (Heel products) to be cost effective and superior. Charl has been trained in Bio-Medical Engineering (electronics), Herbalism, Emergency Medical Technology, Homeopathy, Iridology and Homotoxicology, and found Homotoxicology as the best health modality to treat illnesses. Charl had one of the busiest practices in South Africa with outstanding results using the Heel range of homeopathics.

Charl is now based in Hamilton, New Zealand and continues with his practice to support and help those in need of treatment especially Homotoxicology and Biomesotherapy


Homeopathy is a method of medical treatment designed to stimulate the body's own healing processes in order to cure illnesses. It is based upon the discovery that a substance in small doses may alleviate symptoms similar to those it causes at higher doses. The phrase "likes are cured by likes" is often used to describe a basic concept behind homeopathy. Thus, the two cornerstones of homeopathy are that "likes are cured by likes," and that the remedies are properly diluted to eliminate or minimize their toxic effects.